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Av. Sant Antoni, 24, local 1, AD400, La Massana, Andorra

Carrer de la Reina Cristina, 9, ppal, 08005 Pier03, Barcelona, España

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We build amazing companies.


UNIQ Ventures is a sectoral venture builder focused on finance, insurance and legal.

Our team has developed extensive knowledge in growing a successful business: a very entrepreneurial, diverse founding team and a deep know-how in the financial services and regulations as well as a network of strong partners, corporates and investors.


The companies of the future will be classified into two categories: 1) customer platforms oriented to a niche that act as a digital (financial) advisor or 2) vertical platforms that are dedicated to connecting (financial) companies to their customers in a transparent and totally digital way.


For this, we launch two types ​of digital businesses:

Mobile Consumer

Customer-facing platforms for large markets, identified niche and recurrent use.

SaaS Enterprise

Platforms that offer best-in-class (financial) products to corporates & startups (included our startups).

Our teams

Discovery Team

Multidisciplinary team that is dedicated to the analysis of business opportunities based on different models: Problem-Solution, Copycat or Reversed Copycat .

We do market studies, competitors, trends, pretotyping, mock-ups, focus groups, etc.

The goal is choose the business models to be executed by our Delivery teams.

Delivery Teams

We create delivery teams to build digital companies from scratch, we launch four companies each year in the South of Europe and Latin America, given the great experience of the team, it took an average of 6 months to create a new service / product to our customers.

1. Mobile Teams

Built by product owner, product design, cto/backend/mobile devs & digital marketing.

2. SaaS Teams

Built by product owner, cto/full-stack devs, sales & customer care.

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